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‘I’m ab to leave. This is sad’: TikToker says man brought own bowling ball on date, sparking debate

The TikToker later revealed she's dating the man in the video.

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Published Mar 1, 2022 Updated Mar 2, 2022, 1:31 pm CST

Would you date someone who brought their own ball to the bowling alley? A new TikTok that was initially posted as a joke has sparked some debate.

Lexa (@.alexa.nicole) shared a video from a bowling alley to her TikTok, writing, “On my first date with this guy… He took me bowling. He brought his own bowling ball and his own ball cleaner.”

“Someone send help im ab to leave. this is sad,” she continued, before adding the caption “never again.”

The guy she was on a date with, meanwhile, bowled a strike as she recorded.

Viewers were quick to side with the apparent bowling champ and accused the TikToker of attempting to shame her date.

“There’s one red flag in this video and it ain’t him,” @lukearcainiphoto wrote.

“Any man with his own ball and cleaner is a stud,” added @steener30.

“First thing on the fyp and it’s someone being judgmental af wow,” @jcsoldier chimed in. “People need to get their priorities straight.”

Eventually, the guy in question jumped into the conversation, clarifying that he’s actually her boyfriend. The video was his idea, and it was just meant to be a joke, he said.

“We both like to go bowling, he likes to bowl and I support him 100% for it,” Lexa replied in the comments section.

The context hasn’t stopped people from complaining about the video, though, with one viewer claiming, “Even though it’s a joke it still triggered me because there are girls like this.”

It also raises an interesting point about these short snippets that make it to TikTok’s “For You” page, often without much context or any at all, but invite commenters to weigh in on only a partial picture.

“Can’t judge what u see off a 10 second video,” Lexa pointed out. She also added that her video was mimickinganother video不同TikToker去年12月发布了the same concept—one that was also later revealed to be a joke after receiving similar backlash.

The Daily Dot reached out to Lexa via a TikTok comment.

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‘I’m ab to leave. This is sad’: TikToker says man brought own bowling ball on date, sparking debate
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*First Published: Mar 1, 2022, 12:40 pm CST